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About Almeida Oil

Prior to founding Almeida Oil, Robert Almeida enjoyed a 32 year career with Exxon that spanned supply, refining, finance, planning and culminated with a role as Strategic Planning Adviser. Robert’s comprehension of fuel market drivers was uniquely informed by this role and ultimately led to his interest in starting a heating oil company, which pioneered the use of petroleum futures to provide fixed and capped pricing for the benefit of its customers.

Robert founded Almeida Oil Company after retiring from Exxon in 1986 based on the belief that an oil company with personalized service and value pricing could fill a need in the local market.

Nicole, Bob, and Simone Almeida who, have all since joined the business at one stage or another are equally dedicated to customer service and have been major factors in the company’s expansion and diversification. The family’s collective commitment to personalized service and value pricing has been well received by the market. The company grew rapidly and was widely regarded as a major brand in Westchester by the late 1990’s.

Almeida Oil has expanded into other territories and has also diversified into other fuels including gasoline, diesel, and propane. In addition to serving Westchester, Almeida Oil currently serves the Bronx, Putnam county and Connecticut. In 2000 Almeida Oil acquired its first diesel business from ATI. Later that year they became affiliated with Halstead Quinn through an acquisition of its propane business and inland propane and oil terminals.

In 2001 Robert founded West Vernon Energy Corp, a wholesale fuel operation for heating oil and diesel. This affiliation with West Vernon provides further security and assurance in the availability of fuel to Almeida Oil customers.

Other acquisitions have since been completed and the customers of these businesses were seamlessly absorbed into the family of Almeida Oil customers. They now enjoy the benefits of personalized service, value pricing, and security of supply that come with the Almeida brand.